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How much will your Southern Maryland property rent for? Find out FREE here!

How much will your Southern Maryland property rent for? Find out FREE here!

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How Often Should I Reshingle The Roof?

As an investor in Lexington Park, it is important to make an effort to keep your rental property in good […]

7 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living in California

For dog lovers, life is always better when you have a furry friend at home. However, some California renters find […]

4 Creative Ways to Find Waldorf Real Estate Deals

Like most single-family rental property investors in Waldorf, you’re probably in search of a great real estate deal. Despite that […]

How to Preserve Your La Plata Rental’s Deck and Patio

A nice patio or deck is an attractive feature for buyers looking for a single-family rental house in La Plata. […]

Consider This When Buying A New HVAC System in Southern Maryland

It may not be as stressful as buying a car, but picking out and buying a new air conditioner or […]

Who Will Take Care of the Landscaping at Your Brandywine Rental Property?

Landscaping maintenance-related decisions may be one of the difficult decisions rental property owners must make. Many Brandywine property owners assume […]

5 Signs You Need a Property Management Company

As a DIY landlord, sometimes the job can be too much to handle. As you acquire more properties and more […]

Best Tips and Tricks for Oven Cleaning

A dirty oven is more than just a nuisance; over some time of usage, it can become a real fire […]

How to Coordinate A Color Scheme for Your St Mary’s County Rental Property

Selecting a color scheme for your St Mary’s County rental property’s interior can be quite the experience. But, there are […]

Make the Most of Your Time at Home: Self-Care Tips and Ideas

Stuck at home? Don’t let the quarantine get to you. Learn to keep those cooped up feelings at bay! All […]

Maryland Evictions Resume July 25

Evictions in the state of Maryland were put on hold effective March 16, 2020 due to COVID19. On May 25th […]

4 Landlord/Tenant Laws You Need to Know

Ignorantia juris non excusat is Latin that means “Ignorance of the law excuses not”. It’s a legal principle holding that […]

Top Tips for Calvert County Tenant Retention

Improving your tenant retention is the key to long-term success as a single-family rental property owner. The more welcomed and […]

What to Unpack First in Your New St. Mary’s County Home

Moving can be a source of stress for many St. Mary’s County renters. But one way to make it a […]

Real Estate Agent Rental Property Assistance

Potential Southern Maryland Home Buyers are already pulling out of the sales market and coming over to the rental market. […]

Southern Maryland Rental Property Market Update April 22, 2020

April 22, 2020 The Southern Maryland Rental Property Market has heated up since the starting of the COVID19 process. March […]

Laundry Room Ideas to Freshen Your Space

The laundry room should be a pleasant, functional space. If yours doesn’t have the same effect, don’t worry. There are […]

Southern Maryland Landlord COVID19/Stimulus Webinar 4/9 2pm Eastern Time

On Thursday 4/9 at 2pm EST, Real Property Management Gold will be hosting a webinar to discuss how the COVID19 […]

3 Ways to Minimize Risk in a Real Estate Portfolio

Investing in single-family rental properties can be an inherently risky business. While there are ample opportunities to earn a handsome […]

Maryland Evictions and COVID19

We have been receiving a lot of questions from our homeowners in regard to the guidelines for evictions that came […]

Pet-Friendly Gardens for Your Waldorf Rental Property

If your tenants are to be permitted to have pets, it’s vital to make sure that your Waldorf rental property […]

These Indoor Plants Are Sure to Boost Your Mood

Houseplants have long been a root of genuine attraction, however, while indoor plant trends have gone mainstream, the benefits of […]

How Can I Improve the Air Quality in My Upper Marlboro Rental Property?

An air filtration system is an excellent investment as it greatly enhances the air quality in your Upper Marlboro rental […]

How to Reduce Your Brandywine Moving Costs

For renters, in general, moving can be a stressful and expensive time. Though hiring professionals can alleviate the challenges of […]

Five Inexpensive House Upgrades to Boost Your Prince Frederick Property’s Appeal

Improving a rental house can be done without it having to be expensive or difficult. In fact, there are a […]

Should You Reveal Your Leonardtown Rental Property’s Hardwood Floors?

When you buy a rental home with a carpet already installed, it may hold a great surprise for you. Some […]

UnDecking the Halls: Tips for Proper Christmas Tree Disposal in Lexington Park

Nothing makes the holidays bright like a fresh-cut Christmas tree. The beauty and fragrance of these holidays trees can fill […]

Maintaining the Hardwood Floors in Your California Rental Property

A hardwood floor can increase the beauty and longevity of a single-family rental home. But if your rental property has […]

7 Questions St Mary’s County Tenants Should Ask Themselves Before Adopting a Pet

Adopting a pet can be a rewarding experience. But when you are renting, having a pet makes it more difficult […]

Deep Cleaning Your Waldorf Rental’s Kitchen Between Tenants

When a tenant moves out of a single-family rental home, you’ll need to do the necessary repairs and cleaning to […]

Tidying Up Your La Plata Landscapes Before Winter

As the autumn leaves begin to fall and summer flowers fade, it is important to clear them out of your […]

Less Tricks, More Treats: Tips for Staying Safe this Halloween

Although there are many Halloween traditions, it seems that the most popular one is trick-or-treating. To kids all around the […]

Filters, Batteries, and Water Heaters. Oh My!

If you look at the different seasons of the year, fall would be the best one for you to perform […]

Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Southern Prince George’s County Real Estate

Real estate investing is a challenging business. Advertising claims and get-rich-quick schemes may have led you to believe that investing […]

5 Tips for Maintaining Positive Tenant Relations

By maintaining good tenant relations, the profitability of owning a Prince Frederick rental home will be guaranteed. Failing to thoroughly […]

Do’s & Don’ts of Painting Your Lexington Park Rental Property’s Exterior

A fresh coat of paint on your Lexington Park rental property’s exterior can get you higher rents, higher property values, […]

Depreciation De-Mystified: An Introduction to Rental Property Depreciation

There are certain financial benefits of investing in rental properties. A few of them take effect when tax time comes […]

Lexington Park Tenants & Fireworks: Safety and Regulations

When most of us recall past balmy summer nights, our memories are, as often as not, comprised of lighting sparklers […]

Are Your Waldorf Tenants Damaging Your Garage Without Knowing It?

A rental home’s garage provides a lot of appeal to a home. However, some well-intentioned tenants, who just want to […]

Are You Listed as Additionally Interested on Your Brandywine Resident’s Renter’s Insurance?

If you are a property owner, you should be listed as an “additionally interested” party on your resident’s renter’s insurance […]

Can Your Tenants Change the Locks of Your Calvert County Rental Property?

What is considered your first function as a landlord? Your resident’s safety. Always give your tenant the benefit of the […]

Which Upgrades Will Offer the Best Return on Investment for My Charles County Rental Home?

As a rental home owner, success in the field requires sound long-term planning and preparation. Single-family Charles County rental homes […]

Backyard Additions: Who to Call When Wildwood Tenants Go Rogue

Renters want to enjoy the company of family or friends inside their nice single-family rental home. Outdoor spaces are a [...]

Beyond Mowing: Seasonal Lawn Care for Waldorf Rental Homes

A great lawn, when combined with an easily maintained landscape design, can be very attractive to renters who are searching [...]

Keep Rent Competitive with Upper Marlboro Market Comparisons This Spring

If you want to have your Upper Marlboro rental homes leased at a competitive rate, you should do regular market [...]

Timeless Design Elements Brandywine Tenants Will Love

Building a distinctive and instant attraction in a rental home is the means of long-term success in the real estate [...]

The Dirt on What Brandywine Property Owners Should Be Doing with Windows

Clean windows are an indispensable part of a rental home’s curb appeal. Whether you are searching for a new tenant [...]

Spring Cleaning Your Prince Frederick Rental Property

Spring is the season of restoration. And for landlords, spring is the best season to get all those crucial cleaning [...]

Is Upgrading to Smart Devices in Your Lusby Single-Family Rentals Worth It?

The single-family rental home market is experiencing various transformations, lots of which are being stimulated by long-drawn renters. Like many [...]

The Importance of Exterior Lighting for Your Leonardtown Rental Home

As far as bringing excellent renters and defending your Leonardtown rental homes, one attribute that should not be discounted is [...]

Is Your Refrigerator Running? How to Extend of the Life of the Appliances in Your Lexington Park Rental Property

When it goes to property upkeep, major appliances should be incorporated as a component of your property management plan. Quality […]

When California Tenants Ring in the New Year with a Bang

New Year’s Eve is an important social holiday in the United States. Citizens around the nation come together in their […]

Maryland Landlord Guide to Mold in a Rental Property

A big issue that we often hear about from tenants, landlords, and property managers is mold. What do you do […]

Natural Disasters: What Are Your Responsibilities as a LaPlata Landlord?

Natural disasters can happen at any time or place. Whether a tornado, flood, earthquake, or fire, natural disasters cause extensive […]

Tis the Season: Should You Let Your St. Charles Renters Hang Christmas Lights?

One anticipated time-honored tradition for renters and homeowners alike is decorating the house for the Christmas season. Many tenants want […]

How to Set the Best Rental Price for Your Southern Maryland Home

Most every property owner has the same question in mind: How much is my rental property worth? Or, how much […]

What Makes Real Property Management Gold Shine?

As a rental property owner in Waldorf, getting the right property management company can be what makes the difference between […]

A Landlord’s Guide to Attracting Renters in the Upper Marlboro Single-Family Residence Market

Appealing to quality tenants is the biggest priority of a property owner. Even though every renter looks for a property […]

Property Owners vs Residents: Who Benefits from Upgrades to Your Brandywine Rental Property?

Preparing for yearly regular upgrades to your single-family rental home is a wise investment strategy. As much as rental homes […]

Should You Allow Residents to Vape in Your Southern Prince George’s County Rental Property?

There are only a few things that can ruin a rental home’s interior more than cigarette smoke. For this reason, […]

How Does a Home Warranty Work in Southern Maryland

We have a few clients who purchased home warranties, and we often get questions about them. Since we work with […]

Keys, Locks, and Keypads: Changing Access to Your Southern Maryland Rental Property

As a Southern Maryland rental property owner, you are probably aware that your residents often have serious concerns about their […]

Electric Car Chargers at Your Rental Property: What Calvert County Landlords Need to Know

As electric cars get more popular, the number of renters looking for rental property owners willing to have an electric […]

Energy Efficient Lighting Options for Your Lexington Park Rental Property

Lighting is an essential aspect of any rental home. The type, quality, and amount of the light fixtures both inside […]

Choosing the Right Insulation for Your Maryland Rental Home

In picking an insulation for your Maryland rental homes, there are several different types you can choose from, all of […]

Southern Maryland Property Maintenance Tips: How to Handle an Active Water Leak

A good property management company has a procedure in place to handle active water leaks and can assure that owner’s […]

The Importance of Sealing and Repairing Your St. Mary’s County Rental Property Foundations

It is imperative that you make certain that your foundation is properly sealed and maintained to keep it dry and […]

Don’t Be Caught in the Cold: It’s Time to Seal, Repair, and Replace Your La Plata Rental Property Windows

Great windows increase a property’s value, improve energy efficiency, and keep your La Plata residents snug and content. Windows also […]

Insulate Your Waldorf Rental Home This Fall

As the leaves begin to change and the weather gets cooler, there are a number of repairs and maintenance tasks […]

Gutter Cleanup and Repairs for Your Charles County Rental Property

One important component of having a profitable rental property is routine cleaning and repair of the house’s gutters. Gutters function […]

Part 2: Are Upper Marlboro Residents Making Unauthorized Changes to the Exterior of Your Rental Property?

When residents move into a new rental property, one of the first things they typically do is put in decorative […]

Brandywine Residents Making Unauthorized Changes to the Interior of Your Rental Property?

One means to enjoy a home is through personalizing a living space, and renters are the same. Residents want to […]

Natural Pest Control for Your Prince Frederick Rental Property

A lot of trouble can come up when pests invade a rental property. People don’t like a house infested with […]

It’s Summer! Time to Clean Your Lusby Rental Property’s Chimney

Summer is one of the amazing times of the year. For a lot of people, summer holds the promise of […]

Easy Upgrades (Part 2): Brighten Your St. Mary’s County Rental Property with New Interior Door and Light Fixtures

New interior doors and light fixtures are just some of the easy but impactful upgrades that can affect the visual […]

Easy Upgrades (Part 1): High-End Countertop Solutions without the High-End Price Tag

The kitchen is the heart of the home, or so the saying goes. This saying comes from the fact that […]

Rental Property Owners in Calvert County Can Enjoy Long-Term Benefits with an HVAC Upgrade

An attractive Calvert County rental property is one that offers many sought-after features. An updated and efficient furnace and air […]

Xeriscaping in St. Mary’s County: Water Conservation is Good for Everyone

From the Latin xero, or none, xeriscaping refers to a kind of landscaping that necessitates little or no water to […]

Landscaping: Improving Your Curbside Value in Rockville

If your goal is to attract more quality residents to your rental home then you must think about your landscape. […]

How Proactive Maintenance Can Prevent Costly Mold Damage in Your Southern Maryland Rental Property

When it comes to the general care of a property, the owners know that spotting problems before they become big […]

Have You Received a Reasonable Accommodation Request in Charles County?

Nobody has ever said that managing your own property was easy. Managing your own property is tedious, time-consuming, difficult and […]

What Lexington Park Landlords Need to Know About Emotional Support Animals

The first image that typically comes to mind when somebody hears about assistance animals is that of a dog wearing […]

Lusby Landlords: What is ‘Reasonable Accommodation’ for Disabled Residents?

As a Lusby landlord with a single-family home, you must observe the Federal Fair Housing Act’s requirement to provide ‘reasonable […]

How to Purchase Your First Calvert Rental Property

Owning a rental property can be expensive and intimidating. Still, you can own your first Calvert rental property in a […]

Charles County Resident Retention Strategies

Finding a long-term resident to stay in your rental property can be an unending task. Utilize effective Charles County resident […]

3 Steps to Quickly Rent Your Southern Maryland Property

Many landlords believe that when they put up a listing for a rental property, interest would automatically appear. However, to […]

Avoiding Vacant Lexington Park Rental Properties with Proper Signage

Vacant Lexington Park rental properties could be extremely expensive for a property investor. If a vacancy lasts for more than […]

Creating a Waldorf Rental Property Renovation Budget

To have the greatest return on your rental property investment, you must develop a steady and long-term property renovation budget. […]

Real Property Management in Southern Maryland | Who We Serve

Residential property management is becoming increasingly complex, with growing tenant expectations, regulatory requirements, and technological demands. As a result, we […]

Rental Property Upgrades Before Lusby Residents Move In

Typically, when performing rental property upgrades, it might be easy to refer to the television shows where people buying and […]

Top 10 Questions Landlords Ask in Southern Maryland

Real Property Management Gold has the answers to your questions as a rental property owner.

Knowing Which Renovations are Necessary for Your Charles County Investment Property

Are you keeping your investment property renovations in order? When aiming to rent out your investment property, it is important […]

Moving Out Checklist for Tenants: Best Way to Move Out of a Southern Maryland Rental Home

At Real Property Management Gold, we hope you’ve enjoyed your experience with us. Now that you’re moving out, please follow […]

Unexpected Start-up Costs for Your Southern Maryland Rental Property

Have you ever had random unexpected rental property costs pop up while trying to move someone into one of your […]

Spring Home Maintenance for Rental Residents in Southern Maryland

Spring is here, and it’s time to do a routine check to make sure your rental home is safe and […]

Why You Need a Lusby Property Manager for Your Property

Do you have multiple properties, stay far away from your rentals, or simply don’t have the time to do day-to-day […]

Five Things Residents Try to Get Away With

As a landlord, finding the correct resident to rent out your property is the most important step in leasing, and […]

Tenant Move In Guidelines for Southern Maryland Tenants

At Real Property Management Gold, we’re happy to welcome you to your new home. We are here to help ensure […]

Cost of Driving to Your Waldorf Rental Property

You may have found and purchased an investment rental property in a neighboring city that initially seems great – low […]

Selecting a Good Rental Property in Southern Maryland

Investing in rental property can be a smart move if you make smart decisions. When you’re buying a rental property […]

How to Pet-Proof Your Charles County Maryland Rental Property

“A dog is a man’s best friend” has long been an adage to suggest the relationship we have with our […]

Lusby Landlords: Capitalize on the Rising Popularity of Rental Properties

Have you ever thought of whether owning property in Lusby, Maryland, is a good or profitable idea? Maybe you already own property […]

Resident Fall Reminders | Southern Maryland Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is upon us, which means it’s time to prepare for a change in the weather and do some routine […]

Disputing Your Waldorf Maryland Rental Property Value Assessment to Lower Tax Liability

Lessening the tax liability on your Waldorf rental property is worth the effort if you have the opportunity. Regardless if […]

How to Save Money as a Southern Maryland Tenant with the Real Property Management Resident Club

One of the great things about renting a home with Real Property Management Gold is our Resident Club. This helps […]

Lusby Landlords: Do You Really Want to Know Your Residents?

The relationship between a landlord and a resident draws out some fine lines you do not want to risk crossing. […]

Why Southern Maryland Investors Choose Real Property Management

As a rental property investor, you’re looking for a reliable, affordable property manager who can take care of the hassles […]

Resident Club Benefits to Southern Maryland Property Owners

Experienced landlords know that in general, everything goes more smoothly when their tenants are happy. Happy tenants pay rent on […]

Lexington Park Landlords: Want to Travel but Tied to Your Rental Property?

As a Lexington Park landlord, you are invested in seeing your rental property triumph. Without a property management staff, this […]

Benefits of Renting Out Your House in Southern Maryland

Are you considering renting out your home? If you have a property that you’d like to rent out, there are […]

Why Charles County Landlords Should Have a Pet Screening Procedure

Many landlords are concerned about allowing pets to reside on a rental property. However, when you learn why Charles County landlords should […]

Referral Rewards for Southern Maryland Rental Property Owners and Landlords

Did you know that as a valued client at Real Property Management Gold, you can earn referral fees by recommending […]

Reducing Fire Hazards with Your Lexington Park Rental Property

If you are an investment homeowner in the Lexington Park area, then you have put a lot of time and effort […]

Increase Return on Investment Managing Multi-Family Investment Properties in Southern Maryland

When you own multi-family rental properties, you need a management company you can rely on around the clock. A responsive […]

End of Year Resident Retention Tips for Lexington Park Investment Homeowners

Another year has quickly come and gone, and a new year is soon upon us. Now is the time to […]

Most Common Southern Maryland Property Mistakes | Landlord Advice

While it’s clear that rental property is a smart financial investment, many investors don’t understand the complexities of managing that […]

Lexington Park Landlords: How You Can Raise Rent Without Raising Concern

Whether you’re new to investing in rental property or have done it for decades, many homeowners report that one of […]

5 Keys to Affordable Maintenance for Your Southern Maryland Rental Property

Most landlords want it both ways. They want their tenants to stay for a long time, take care of the […]

How to Get Your Southern Maryland Property Rent Ready

When your rental property is vacant, you want to rent your home as soon as possible to keep the rent […]

7 Tips to Finding More Reliable Tenants for Your Southern Maryland Rental Property

When your rental property is vacant, you’re naturally anxious to find tenants for your rental property so you can keep […]

10 Steps to Faster Leasing Your Southern Maryland Rental Property

When you own rental property and your tenant moves out, every day costs you money. In fact, the average vacancy […]

5 Steps to Successful Rental Property Inspections in Southern Maryland

Experienced investors know that a lot can happen to a rental property between tenants. If the only time you walk […]

Tenant Paying Rent Late? 7 Steps to Better Rent Collection for Your Southern Maryland Rental Property

When you own rental property, it all comes down to rent. You need it paid, and you need it paid […]

Advice for Avoiding Legal Problems when Investing in Rental Property

You have heard the old adage to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. When it comes to […]

Should You Rent to Military Personnel in Southern Maryland? Things to Consider

A hot topic among rental property owners in southern Maryland is the subject of military tenants. Many people want to […]

How to Avoid Evicting Tenants

Even when you do everything right with your tenant screening to prevent an eviction, circumstances can make removing a tenant […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Property Manager before Hiring in Southern Maryland

The best property management companies in and around southern Maryland will be willing to answer any of the questions you […]

Increase Your ROI with RPM Gold | Areas We Serve

Homeowners and investors across southern Maryland count on Real Property Management Gold to get a better return on their rental […]

Fall Maintenance Reminders for Southern Maryland Rental Property Owners

It’s fall! That means it’s time to protect and prepare your rental property for colder weather. Fall maintenance protects your […]

Additional Property Management Services

As an RPM client, you know you can expect first class management for your rental property. What you may not […]

Communicating with Your Property Manager in Southern Maryland

So, you’ve trusted the management of your rental property to a professional property manager. Now, you’re free from the day […]

Lexington Park Real Property Management Gold Help Tenants Stay Safe

When tenants feel liked their safety and security is a priority to their Lexington Park’s Real Property Management Gold, they […]

How does a Landlord Handle Work Orders in Southern Maryland?

A lot of do-it-yourself landlords don’t quite understand the Maryland landlord tenant law, especially as it pertains to maintenance. Today, […]

Single Family Rentals | Wise Investment Strategies

When Real Property Management started managing properties 30 years ago with a focus on residential property management, most of the […]

3 Steps to Avoiding Tenant Turnover

  Tenant turnover is an automatic cash flow killer. All of the administrative and advertising costs and the maintenance work […]

Tips for Maintaining Pools and Hot Tubs in a Rental Property in Southern Maryland

Owners who have pools or hot tubs in their properties are often unsure about how to maintain them while tenants […]

Southern Maryland Property Management: Markets We Serve

In today’s complex world of Southern Maryland property management, investment property owners are experiencing increased tenant and regulatory demands as well as […]

Who is Responsible for Utility Bills at Your Southern Maryland Rental Property? Property Manager Answers Landlord Questions

Is a landlord responsible for tenants’ utility bills? This is a question we hear a lot from prospective clients and […]

Real Property Management Gold Reminds Owners and Tenants to Prepare Your Property for Fall

As the cooler weather approaches, it’s time to  perform some property maintenance to ensure your investment property is as prepared […]

How to Choose the Right Property Management Company or Realtor in Southern Maryland

When homeowners are looking for companies that manage rental property, a common question is whether to find a Realtor or […]

Duties of a Do-It-Yourself Waldorf Property Manager

  Owning rental property can be an exciting investment, but doing the job of managing your own property requires more […]

For Cause Evictions

Evictions are never pleasant. The reasons for eviction vary dependent on the individual or situation. With “no-cause” evictions being targeted […]

Pick From Great Southern Maryland Property Management Companies

  If you need a company to manage your properties, you can depend on a company like Real Property Management […]

Calvert County: Signing a Lease and Tenant Move In (Time & Costs Required)

  Our journey has taken us from determining market rent, to ensuring our rental property is “rent ready” and will […]

Knowing Where to Buy Your Rental Property

  The old adage of “location, location, location” still stands today when it comes to rental properties. There are a […]

What do Professional Southern Maryland Property Managers Really Do?

  There is more to managing rental property than just putting a “For Rent” sign on the front of your […]

Charles County Property Owners Ask: What Are the Dangers of Lead Based Paint?

  Lead poisoning has become a more common occurrence across the nation, especially in young children. The EPA has found […]

What Do I Do if My Tenant Stops Paying Rent? Southern Maryland Eviction Process Explained

If you have a tenant who is not paying rent, you need to move forward with the eviction process. In […]

Summer Property Maintenance Tips

  Preventative maintenance beats reactive maintenance any day of the week. Small, consistent investments in maintaining the quality of your […]

How to Properly Handle Your Tenant’s Security Deposit in Southern Maryland – Landlord Advice

Processing your tenant’s security deposit requires you to know the law and the timelines that are involved. This can be […]

Saying No to Fido May Decrease Your Applicant Pool

  Study Shows Property Owners Who Allow Pets Increase Their Profit Potential Waldorf – Real Property Management Gold , the Waldorf […]

Collections- What You Need to Know

  When you own rental property, your goal comes down to the amount of rent you collect. It would be […]

Tenant Damage vs. Normal Wear and Tear on Your Southern Maryland Rental Property

After a tenant moves out of your southern Maryland rental property, you’ll need to determine what qualifies as tenant damage […]

Southern Maryland Rental Property Insurance Requirements 101

We often notice that southern Maryland home owners who are managing their own properties tend to overlook one important thing: […]

Rent Cycle for Real Property Management Gold In Lusby Maryland

Real Property Management Gold is the property management company in Lusby that knows the leasing cycle from rent-ready to lease renewal. An […]

How Much Does Property Management Cost? Tips for Landlords in Southern Maryland

The number one question we receive from southern Maryland home owners is: what do you charge for property management services? […]

What are the landscaping responsibilities for your Southern Maryland Rental Property?

What are the landscaping responsibilities for your Southern Maryland Rental Property? -First of all, tenants are responsible for landscaping in […]

Roommate Effect: Good News for Real Estate Investors

Are you an investor or rental property owner who is worried about the future of your rentals? The good news […]

Decisions Made Today Can Impact Your Tomorrow

Purchasing a rental property is like going to college; whether or not you decide to go to college affects many aspects […]

5 Tenant Screening Tips Southern Maryland Rental Owners Should Know

Tenant screening is an important topic when you have Southern Maryland rental property, and we’re sharing some of the things […]

Vetting Tenants Matters

  Protect Yourself and Your Southern Maryland Rental Property Vacancy in yourSouthern Maryland rental property is an emergency. A vacant property bleeds […]

What to Consider When Looking for Southern Maryland Property Management Companies

  When you are looking to find a great Southern Maryland Property Management company, you want to find someone who will […]

Maryland Lead Paint Law Guide: Best Practice Tips for Every Southern Maryland Home Owner

Every southern Maryland home owner renting out a property should have a good understanding of the Maryland Department of Environment’s […]

Southern Maryland Property Management Realtor Refer Program

1/2 Months Rent to Licensed Real Estate Agents for Property Management Referrals We are currently seeing a very good sales […]

Southern Maryland Rental Property Taxes

Southern Maryland Rental Property Taxes A common question that we received from potential clients and do it yourself landlords is […]

Going On Vacation? 10 Smart Steps To Protect Your Property While You’re Away

    In all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for a vacation, it’s easy to think that simply […]

Rental Inspection Best Practices Explained by a Southern Maryland Property Manager

It’s important to inspect your rental property while it is occupied, and today we’re explaining why. A lot of times, […]

Spring Cleaning Means Rental Property Inspection

      After months of cold weather and a dark winter, we often get the itch to open up […]

3 Steps to Get Your Southern Maryland Property Ready to Rent – Landlord Tips

Homeowners often want to know what they should do to get their homes ready for the rental market. It’s a […]

Why Renting is Popular

  Renting is becoming more and more popular, especially for millennials, or those between the ages of 18 and 35. […]

St.Marys County Maryland Eviction Changes

The evictions process in St.Mary’s County Maryland has undergone some changes over the last several months. This video blog explains […]

Keep Things Cool By Performing Summer Preventive Maintenance

We all love summer. The picnics, BBQs, pool time, family reunions, and home improvement projects are just part of what […]

Even a Landlord Needs a Vacation

  Even though your tenants rely on you to ensure the maintenance of the properties they are renting on a […]

Why Work with RPM Gold in Southern Maryland

At Real Property Management Gold, we serve southern Maryland owners in St. Mary’s County, Charles County, and Calvert County. We […]

Should Property Investors in Charles County Have Regular Inspections?

  Regular inspections take a bit of your time, but they are well worth it as they protect both the […]

Collections- What You Need to Know

When you own rental property, your goal comes down to the amount of rent you collect. It would be nice […]


  Tenant Communication They say that you can’t over-communicate with someone.  In the case of rental tenants, it’s perhaps even […]

Tenant Safety Tips from Real Property Management Gold

  The safety and security of tenants are a top priority for Real Property Management Gold.  Safety is everyone’s concern […]

DIY Property Managers Put Neighborhoods at Risk

  Self-Service Property Management Causing Concern in Southern Maryland Neighborhoods DIY property managers are struggling to make the effort due to […]

Secrets to Maximizing Your Southern Maryland Rental Property Management Experience

As the leading rental property management company in Southern Maryland, it is our job to help each rental property owner […]

Making A Plan For Your Rental Property

While in the rental property purchasing phase, your priorities are location, location, location. But after acquiring a property and renting […]

Avoiding Tenant Turnover

  There is nothing like losing a tenant to kill your cash flow. Advertising, and maintenance work to get a […]

Real Property Management GOLD receives Presidents Circle Gold Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Real Property Management Gold receives Presidents Circle Gold Award Waldorf and Lexington Park , Maryland – 1/12/17 […]

Can I Afford A Property Management Company in Southern Maryland?

  Rental property management in Southern Maryland is a complex job.  A rental property brings its own bag of financial risk […]

Showing Property Time and Costs

  Showing your rental property in St. Mary’s County Maryland Having researched and followed applicable laws with regard to renting […]

Choosing the Right Property Management in Calvert County Maryland

You own rental property – what an exciting investment!  Now you have decided to hire a property manager to help […]

Top Renovations That Make an Impact

With the new year now underway, many property owners in Southern Maryland find themselves thinking about renovating their rental properties […]

Getting Out Of The Money Pit: 4 Ways To Lower Your Property Maintenance Costs

  Property management in Southern Maryland comes with it’s own set of unique challenges. However, maintaining your property to keep […]

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