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How much will your Southern Maryland property rent for? Find out FREE here!

How much will your Southern Maryland property rent for? Find out FREE here!

Southern Maryland Evictions

Do you have a tenant who is not paying rent in your property? An eviction is costly and the best way to avoid an eviction is a thorough tenant screening. Real Property Managements screening process is the best in the industry. As a company we evict less then 2 percent of our tenants nationwide. Most of the evictions we file are taken over from landlords who tried to manage there own properties and other property management companies.

In Southern Maryland an Eviction is one of the toughest, time consuming, and costly processes in the Property Management Industry. It involves 2 processes.

  1. The legal filings.
  2. The physical eviction process.

The Maryland Legal Filings of Eviction

The legal filings. This includes at least 3 trips to the courthouse.

  1. File Complaint in court for Repossession of rental property. A court date will be assigned. This court date will be within 30 days.
  2. Court Appearance, the landlord or landlords representative must be present.
  3. Filing of a Warrant of Restitution 4 days after court order if tenant does not vacate the property. Once this is filed the sheriff will set an eviction date and time within 30 days.

The Maryland Physical Eviction Process

The physical eviction process. This requires the Sheriff to be present, a locksmith, and a team of at least 5 individuals to clear the home in 2 hours.

The following tasks must be completed.

  1. Change of the locks
  2. All personal belongings of the tenant are to be removed to the public right of way. This must be left outside for 24 hours.
  3. Trash at the property removed and hauled to the dump.
  4. Return and haul away any remaining items on the lawn.

Southern Maryland Eviction Costs

If you need us to remove a non-paying, lease violating, or holding over tenant we can help. In a lot of cases if the tenant pays rent to avoid the eviction we can bill the costs to them. Here are the costs and fees associated.

Court Costs

  1. $150 File Complaint for Repossession of the property.
  2. $350 Court Appearance
  3. $150 File Warrant of Restitution.

Physical Eviction

  1. Locksmith $75 per Lock
  2. Crew of 5 men for 4 hours. $600
  3. Dumpster Rental $600
  4. Return to remove remaining items from yard 24 hours later $200 and have dumpster hauled away from property.

We will attempt to remove and clean up as much as possible within the 4 hours allotted by the sheriff.