How much will your Southern Maryland property rent for? Find out FREE here!

How much will your Southern Maryland property rent for? Find out FREE here!

Simple Pricing Structure with No Hidden Fees

Bottom line- we don’t get paid until you do

Standard Southern Maryland Property Management Fees

1.Tenant Placement or Leasing Fee

This is the fee typically charged for Finding a Tenant, Screening the Tenant, and Creating the Lease. The Standard Fee for this service in the Southern Maryland Market collected by Property Management Companies, Full Service Real Estate Companies, and Independent Real Estate Agents (Realtors) is 1 Full Months’ Rent. Our Tenant Placement Fee is only 6.9% of a 1 year lease, charged one time immediately after move in of new tenant.

2. Full-Service Property Management Fee

This is the fee charged for the day-to-day Operations of your Rental Property. Items typically included in the Property Management Fee are Rent Collection, Maintenance Coordination, Lease Enforcement, and all Tenant Interaction. The standard fee in the Southern Maryland Market for this service is around 10% of the monthly rent. Our Full Service Property Management Packages start at only 8.9% Monthly.

Tenant Placement

The Tenant Placement process begins by completing a detailed analysis of your property which we use to determine the maximum market rental rate for your home. We will then assist with any make ready maintenance work (if necessary), take professional photographs, advertise your property, take calls and answer tenant inquiries, show your property to interested prospects, qualify applicants, draft the lease, set tenant expectations, and complete move in documentation. The Tenant Placement Fee is charged as a percentage of a one year lease, charged one time immediately after move in of a new tenant.

If your home is already occupied by tenants not placed through Real Property Management Gold, you find your own tenant, or you hire your own outside agent to place a tenant and you want us to take over with a lease already in place, there is no Tenant Placement Fee charged. 

Full Service Property Management


Tired of the headaches that come with managing your rental property? We’ve got it handled. At Real Property Management Gold, we realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to the needs of each individual property. We offer two Packages: the Silver Package at 8.9% and the Gold Package at 10.9% of the Gross Monthly Rent. Each package provides services and guarantees above and beyond the standard for Property Management in Southern Maryland. Choose one of our Management Plans to help you deal with tenants, coordinate maintenance, and minimize risks.

The Gold and Silver Full-Service Property Management prices below are a percentage of the monthly rent collected.

Full-Service Property Management Packages

Additional Services

To minimize your risks and give you peace of mind, we also offer the following guarantees. These Services are only offered by Real Property Management in Southern Maryland.

Rented in 29 Days Guarantee

We’re a dedicated partner in your corner, and we understand how important a quick turnaround time is to you and your bottom line. If we don’t rent your property in 29 days or less, you do not pay a management fee the first month. With our marketing plan and world-class client management system, we’re confident we can lease your property quickly and get the rent coming in. (Included with Gold Plan.)

Risk-Free Eviction Guarantee

We understand the challenges that come with evicting a tenant. With the Risk-Free Eviction Guarantee, you pay a small monthly fee and we pay all the legal fees involved in an unlawful detainer suit. Because so many people participate in our program, the cost of a painful eviction is spread out over many property owners—affordably minimizing the risk for everyone involved. ($50 per Month value, Included with Gold Plan for no Additional Fee.)

Periodic Maintenance Inspections

We stand behind our commitment to simplifying property ownership and making sure your property is maintained properly, that is why we perform periodic maintenance inspections. We inspect the property both inside and out to ensure tenant compliance and assess property condition. ($199 per Inspection, Mid-year included with Silver Plan, Quarterly included with Gold Plan.)

Tenant Replacement Guarantee

If Real Property Management places a tenant and the tenant vacates the property before the end of the lease, we will find you a new qualified tenant for FREE. We Guarantee It. (180 Days Silver, 365 Days Gold)

HVAC Filter Replacement Guarantee

Starting with each lease renewal or new tenant, we will directly mail each tenant all the appropriate A/C filters for their rental unit. The filter delivery will include instructions on how to change the filter(s) as well as an expiration date(s) printed on the filters to put us in a position to hold them accountable upon inspections!☺ The filters will be shipped out every 3 months directly to the tenants. We’ve removed the “forgetting” and the hassle of buying filters.

Our unique solution averages a 450% increase in tenant filter-replacement compliance and up to a 30% annual reduction in HVAC related issues. (Included with Gold Plan)