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How much will your Southern Maryland property rent for? Find out FREE here!

How much will your Southern Maryland property rent for? Find out FREE here!

As the owner of the company I wanted to take time to reach out to you regarding how we are handling the current world pandemic and how it relates to your rental property.

We want to make it clear that Real Property Management is dedicated to managing your rental and we WILL NOT be shutting down under any circumstance.

Our company was built operationally on a foundation to handle these situations. All our employees have the capability to work from home remotely and we have technology that can allow inspections and showings to be done virtually if necessary.

Currently the only restrictions we have in place is that we are not allowing in person office visits and we are not conducting routine inspections on occupied properties. We are currently still conducting move in/out inspections and showings in small groups as permitted. Our staff are taking precautions regarding sanitation and hygiene to ensure the safety of themselves and our customers in the field. If we are required by local government to stop conducting our field work, we do have the capability to move to fully virtual showings and inspections.

I also want to ensure you that we have been in contact with all our field Vendors and technicians.  We currently do not have any vendors that are ceasing operations. All our vendors have been notified and are taking extra precautions in regard to sanitation and cleanliness as they visit homes. We are currently seeing zero disruption on the maintenance side of our business.

Our main concern now is tenants potentially not paying rent going forward. As many of you know the governor has halted all evictions in the state of Maryland until the end of the emergency. We do not see a massive problem with rent collection as fortunately most of our tenants work in Government, Military, or Government contracting sectors which we anticipate will continue to be paid in full throughout the crisis. However, we have sent letters to all tenants making it clear Real Property Management will empathize but not sympathize in regards to rent not being paid. Just because evictions are being suspended does not mean there are not consequences for nonpayment of rent. The court system is still open, just not having trials now. So, we can still file eviction paperwork with the courts for nonpayment of rent and it will still go on that persons records and be tried when the courts reopen. We also are now reporting tenant rent payments to the credit bureaus. So if a tenant does not paid rent their credit scores will take a hit. We will also send any outstanding balance to collections at the end of the lease. There are also government programs available to help with rent if the tenant is impacted and we will actively help any tenant receive aid to pay rent if they are legitimately impacted due to the crisis.

We have alerted tenants who know they are going to be impacted by the crisis to reach out to our office. Our intention is to handle each situation on a case by case basis. If a tenant is being impacted due to no fault of our there own we will contact the owner and try and reach a fair compromise to help all impacted. What this means is once again on a case by base basis. We have stressed it is very important for tenants to contact us if they are going to experience a disturbance, SO WE CAN HELP!

One thing we have been recommending is to enroll in SureVestor protection. This will ensure that if rent is not paid you will still be compensated.

Rest assured we will continue to work hard on your behalf throughout this crisis in its entirety to ensure your property is being handled with fairness and care going forward. If your a current client a representative from our office will be reaching out to you via phone within 14 days to review these talking points and answer any questions. If your interested in becoming a client we are still accepting new clients at this time. If you need anything in the mean time as always we are here for you and feel free to reach us via phone 301-392-2172 or at the web form below.